The Best Way to Find House Cleaning Services

There are plenty of companies that do house cleaning but not all of them are as stellar as they say they are. That is why, as a homeowner, you have to know what to look for. To avoid disappointment and to get everything that you need from a home cleaning service, make sure that they:

Use green products

There is a general shift globally to take better care of the environment. One of the qualities that will tell you whether a maid service is good or not is what kind of products they use. Call them and find out and then check online for information on whether they are indeed green products.

Have the right equipment

Equipment tells you about the quality of services that a company offers. When you call the company, ask them whether they have vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaning equipment, brooms, buckets and other equipment that you think will be necessary for cleaning your home.

Have insurance

What would happen if one of the cleaners fell and injured himself when they were cleaning your house? If they are not insured, they may come back to you for medical compensation. Ask if all employees who will be working in your home are insured and ask them to bring a copy of their latest premium.

Have been in the area for a while

This is very important because you want to avoid scammers. There are house cleaning services that are a front for robbing homes; they come in to clean while at the same time casing the home so that they can come back later and rob it. The good and honest companies stay in one place and work on creating trust and good relationships.

Have honest employees

A good cleaning company will ensure that their employees have clean backgrounds by doing background checks. Just to be sure that there are no incidents, don’t leave precious and expensive items around because they can tempt even honest people.

Have a guarantee

What happens in case you are not happy with the work that a home cleaning company has done? It is very important, before you contract, to make sure that you have recourse. Check to see what is covered and for how long your guarantee is valid.

Have fair pricing

There are home cleaning services that charge more simply because they work in these neighborhoods. Fortunately, there are also many cleaning services that are happy to charge their customers fair rates for good work. Compare several quotes so that you can have a fair idea of what the market rates are.

Have varied services

A good house cleaning service will offer different services. They will include a maid service, a carpet cleaning service, window cleaning and even oven cleaning. If you need an additional service that isn’t listed, find out if they can do it for an additional fee.

How to prepare for house cleaning

It works out better if you prepare your home for the cleaners; they will clean faster and they will do a better job. The first thing you want to get rid of is clutter on the floor. Remove toys, books and any other items that may get in the way. If there are things that you need to put away, put them in a corner together with a marked box so that cleaners can know what goes where.

If you want them to provide a maid service, leave the new bedding on a chair for each bedroom. If they are going to do laundry for you, remove any items that may be embarrassing for someone else to clean such as underwear. Lastly, make sure that you have communicated your needs very clearly to the supervisor of the cleaning crew.

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